Welcome to the wonderfully- crazy life that is MY life.

I will be sharing my life experiences as someone diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and how it affects me day to day.

I’m a mum so I talk about that too.


I’m lucky to work in a job that I adore and am now 23 years doing. I started when I was 15 – please don’t do the math (“,)

I’m also a columnist and author so I have been known to talk alot !!!

Please feel free to get in touch !

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Heya, I’m Nikki – I have Borderline Personality Disorder which means I can be complex to figure out but underneath all the chaos is a girl with a passion for music, radio and my daughter Farah.
I started djing when I was 15 and 23 years later I’m still getting away with it. I am passionate about music and I don’t care the genre once it’s a good song.
Favourite bands? Everything from Elton John, the original rude boys, dmx, Martin jenson, the coronas, Justin Bieber (I kno) to ac/dc, bon Jovi and rascal flatts.
I often pop up on TV contributing to shows and although I enjoy it when I’m on I much prefer to hide behind the microphone.
I have borderline personality disorder which is an  emotional disregulation. It makes me feel things intensely and I can go from euphoric to devastated and back again in a short amount of time. I am attending a multi disciplinary team under the mentsl health services and through a combination of medication and therapy am coming to terms with living with bpd.
I am blessed to have a beautiful daughter who I am besotted with. Farah is 3 and the reason for being alive. She makes me want to fight and be strong. I want to live to see her thrive.
I have 2 dogs who are my first  babies. Fred and Sandy are 13 and 11 but have been with me through ups and downs.,deaths and births, cramped apartments and houses with a view.
I have written for the press many times and enjoy the challenges of putting together articles.
I am delighted that my first book is in print and being released autumn 2017. It’s a memoir of living with borderline personality disorder, balancing life on the public eye and being a mum.


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